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A vehicle frame forms the basis of an automobile which, known as the chassis, this frame supports the sub-assemblies and other components of the car. The chassis also provides stability to the car from the variety of forces and impacts that it has to sustain throughout its life. The construction of the frame is of a uni-body type in the case of passenger cars and most commercial vehicles, such as trucks, are produced with a body-on-frame construction.

car chassis

Modern chassis today are used across various models

The chassis has to accommodate various systems, such as the frame, wheels, brakes, steering and suspension. In order to maintain the rigidity of the whole structure, solutions created from expertise and modern engineering capabilities are needed in the manufacturing of a chassis. Pressmark provide great value for money to our clients, as not only do we have the expertise for the solutions in the automotive field, we have the tenacity and drive to solve problems.

It is extremely important that the chassis design should be sturdy, reliable and durable. The design engineers that work for Pressmark are equipped with skills to optimise the weight and size of the chassis. Using industry standard software, such as SolidWorks, we perform simulation on the design to produce the prototype. We are capable of not only manufacturing and testing the product after designing it, but designing and making the tooling too, which makes us stand out amongst our competitors.

Chassis Materials

The rise of eco labels has implications for everybody, as we are all consumers, but there also specific implications for anybody involved in the design of products and the selection of materials.

The material used for the construction of the chassis is usually carbon steel, but it is also becoming more commonplace that they are made up of aluminum alloys considering its light-weight characteristic. The chassis comprises of several I, C and U sections of steel. Operations such as folding, pressing and rolling are done to incorporate various chassis members. Press blanking and bending are important stages in the chassis production and at Pressmark, we have over 40 years of experience in fields of pressing and related operations.

The next process in the production line is Welding. Welding provides rigidity, uniformity and high strength to the chassis. A variety of welding equipment available at Pressmark ensures that high volumes of work and short lead times are achieved. TIG, MIG or even a combination of both TIG and MIG are used to achieve the above-mentioned characteristics. Finally, surface treatment is done for anti corrosion, damage and wear prevention, improving hardness etc. The coating and plating processes are also managed by Pressmark.

Supplementary Processes

In addition, we also do supplementary processes such as fabrication and machining work for our customers, so that the final product can be delivered under a single purchase order to a sngle supplier. Applications that require assembly work are also done at Pressmark, ensuring that the product that comes off our assembly lines is of exceptionally high quality and good value. We also carry out Value Engineering processes to add functionality and reduce costs to the products so that our customers receive the best package in terms of design, manufacturing and assembly.

So, if you have any chassis related presswork or assembly, talk to us at Pressmark to see how we can help your business move forward.

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