Friday 12th January 2018


Pressmark Pressings Limited are seeking a contractor to take project control and offer a turnkey service to upgrade its factory power supply from 350kVA to 500kVA, undertaking all necessary contractual and technical arrangements with Western Power Distribution.

The works will briefly comprise:

New 500kVA Power Supply
To arrange for Western Power to supply a new 500kVA power supply to the building and disconnect the existing 300kVA supply when redundant.

To arrange/undertake civil works for underground supply from the on-site Western Power Transformer to main factory building with ducting to new service head position.

Distribution panel – supply and installation
To supply and install a new Merlin Gerin 800A 6 x 3phase way Panel Board which will be fed from the new 500kVA supply to the building installed by Western Power.
To also supply a PM5110 energy meter that will be fed by a ComX 510 data logger.
To connect the panel board to the existing 630A main switchgear and associated bus bar by 2 x 120mm 4core SWA cables from a 630A MCCB. The cables will be supported on ladder racking supported from the building structure by Unistrut and fixings.
The distribution board adjacent to the new panel board will be fed by a 100A MCCB.

Criteria for choosing supplier
1. Supplier must be approved by Western Power Distribution for connection works
2. Ability to meet requested equipment specification (25%)
3. Timescale of supply and installation (25%)
4. Experience/track record (25%)
5. Cost (25%)

Start date for submission is Friday 12th January 2018, deadline for submission is Friday 26th January 2018 at 5pm.

If you are interested in quoting for this project then please email us using

ERDF Tender

This project is part funded by the European Regional Development Fund.