The aftermarket is a very lucrative part of our client’s business. Therefore, with packaging, we help deliver the look of a solid brand with quality and value. At Pressmark, we help our customers achieve this without investing in their own business.

We can give our customers boxed products for resale by carefully combining design and marketing. Pressmark usually ship these on preset pallets for direct delivery to wholesalers and dealers, which reduces stocks and lead times.

bespoke aftermarket packaging
Bespoke Packaging

Consumer Satisfaction in the Aftermarket

Ongoing consumer support breeds loyalty, so buyers must receive help with their product should anything go wrong. A strong and well-equipped service network is also vital in reaching the proper satisfaction levels. Therefore, by having an effective supply chain with correct stocking strategies, customers who use Pressmark can reduce their lead time. This efficiency allows the customer to service all needs and eventualities required in the aftermarket. We also work with our customers to ensure a focus on choosing sustainable products and materials. This process is a clear marketing focus in today’s market.

Occasionally, it is necessary to produce bespoke packaging to stop even the slightest damage. For example, a plastic-coated washing machine panel or a class A skin panel for the automotive industry, with a unique shape, needs protection from almost every angle. So, as the parts are visible on the end product, components are rejected when finding flaws. Working with our customers, we help design the required bespoke packaging.

With the progressive nature of logistics today, it is vital that products are traceable at any point on their journey. For stock control and replenishment, it is critical to view aftermarket sales as they happen. Through the use of both 2D and 3D barcodes, Pressmark can help customers in this field. On the consumer front, we can produce 2D barcodes used in retail environments today. However, some items require more data for detailed traceability, including vendor codes or warranty dates. In addition, Pressmark can offer more advanced 3D or QR barcodes.

More recently, consumers are cost and environmentally conscious, so Pressmark focus on delivering value-for-money products with green credentials. Sharing this focus, many of our customers use standard returnable packaging, which we recycle through the supply chain. For customers who monitor their carbon footprint, we offer a full analysis of materials used and those that are reusable.