With over 20 years of experience supplying steel and aluminium pressings to the automotive market, Pressmark is well established in the automotive sector to support new customer opportunities. Having been accredited to IATF 16949, in its original guise as ISO/TS 16949, since 2004, Pressmark is well versed in the practices imperative to achieve the relevant goals of the challenging sector.

We have changed processes and materials to reduce weight, improve strength, and reduce cost during this time. In addition, Pressmark has improved the product through each new generation of vehicles launched.

Automotive aluminium pressings
Land Rover Discovery Sport

Supply Chain

Although mainly in the Japanese supply chain, Pressmark produces many body-in-white and structural products for various vehicle marques. Growing the business for 50 years, Pressmark has become a leading supplier in the automotive sector, working with multiple materials. Whether it is a special alloy, aluminium or high-strength steel, Pressmark has expertise and experience with these materials.

Utilising dedicated EDI software, Pressmark can fully comply with customers’ EDI activities. Within the software are EDI profile packs for the automotive sector, covering a range of OEMs and Tier 1 customers. In addition, the order-to-despatch process creates advice notes (ASNs) with secure file transmission, enhancing supply chain communication.

Principal Products in Automotive

The main products within the automotive industry are passenger cars, vans, sports utility vehicles (SUVs), trucks, buses and motorcycles. At Pressmark, the most significant volume piece we produce for a passenger car is 100,000 units per month. This high-volume component shows that we can scale to meet significant customer demands. About 14% of our products use aluminium pressings.

Passenger car parts are by far our most significant automotive output at Pressmark. Whether you require small, simple parts, such as bumper brackets, hinges, suspension mounting brackets or battery trays, to more complex products such as door sills, centre console dashboard supports or rear sub-frames, we have the plant, equipment, knowledge and skillset to help you.

In the automotive truck market, whether a light commercial vehicle (LCV) or heavy commercial vehicle (HCV), Pressmark has a wide range of equipment to support significant components required for these vehicles and the thicker gauge material. With our knowledge of aluminium pressings, we can also help you reduce your vehicle’s weight.

Bus manufacturers have been building lighter weight structures for some time now by utilising complex aluminium extrusions. With the automotive knowledge that Pressmark have, we have helped companies change from traditional steel pressings to aluminium pressings and, in some instances, have re-designed costly machined aluminium pressings into cheaper pressed extrusions.