With many yellow goods and green goods from the construction & agriculture sectors performing arduous tasks, some of the materials used are tough wearing and therefore difficult to stamp. With Pressmark having presses that operate at capacities of up to 1,200 tonnes, they are well placed to support this type of work.

Although the supply chain requires ISO 9001 in this market, some manufacturers stipulate that they require the automotive standard IATF 16949 from their suppliers. This means that Pressmark is in a solid position to support this market.

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Two separate sectors?

Although construction & agriculture are two different sectors, Pressmark defines it as one, as many customers make Construction and Agricultural (CONAG) equipment, including earthmoving equipment, mobile cranes, quarrying equipment, excavators, and wheel load, forklift trucks, tractors and harvesters.

Often called “yellow goods“, these products are used in the construction industry. Both excavators and wheel loaders come in a wide variety of sizes depending on the project they are used for. Although a lot of the components that we manufacture for this sector are made from regular steel, we also have to use some extremely tough materials to cope with these products’ environments.

The sector element covered here is known as “green goods” but is often included under the “yellow goods” classification. They include products such as tractors and harvesters, some of which are unique. Although elements of these products can be found in other sectors, these green goods are specialist vehicles that often require unique solutions.

Under this transport banner in this Construction & Agriculture (CONAG) sector, we would include special vehicles such as concrete mixers, tippers, and trailers, which could be included under automotive, which are distinctive to the CONAG sector. Whilst much of the chassis work is similar to that used in the truck industry, albeit more heavy-duty, these vehicles are unique in their own right.