At Pressmark, we aim to produce not only high-quality presswork but, through assembly, high-quality finished products too. With more and more customers just looking to buy in finished products, which they can bolt directly onto their products, we believe that our focus must be on helping them achieve this. Not only does this add value to the product, but it also adds value to the customer too. At the same time, it widens our knowledge base, allowing us to think more laterally, which often results in new ideas. If you’re unsure whether we can assist with your project, please get in touch and ask the question.

switch assembly
Simple Assembly

Value for money through an assembly

At Pressmark, we focus on adding value to our customers, and this is often done by reducing waste in the supply chain. By assembling products for our customers, we reduce the waste in logistics, as customers do not have to ship semi-finished products to a third party before accepting delivery of the finished product at their facility. Whether it is simply bolting parts together or integrating electronics, Pressmark has the ability to assist you.

We buy other components to add to our own manufactured components by utilising available commodities, thus creating a basic assembly. Examples of this would be seals and gaskets that are added to pressings that have been welded together.

At Pressmark, we can offer our customers a central location where other part complete products are shipped from their other vendors and assembled for shipment directly to a customer’s site, using either a basic scheduling system, a Kanban system, or even an MMOG/LE compliant system.

Product assembly offers customers the complete integration of additional services, such as electronics, into a finished product. Not only can we project manage this whole process from a concept for our customers, but we can also introduce final testing for the finished product before shipping it to the customers’ facility.