Working in the construction industry is not new to Pressmark. Although it may seem an odd industry to find a press worker in, there are many projects and products that we have worked on and manufactured. With the construction industry wanting to innovate, as most industries too, they are always looking at new ways to design and build new projects. With the knowledge that we have built up over the last 40 plus years, in a variety of sectors, we bring alternative suggestions to allow the industry to make better decisions. By utilising different processes and materials to develop stronger and lighter components, this creates opportunities for innovation within the sector.

Curtain Walling

Construction Industry Products

Whether you are looking to manufacture a new type of product or a variation on a current product within the construction industry, the plant and equipment that we have installed at Pressmark can most probable produce what you need. We have a variety of manual presses, up to 1,200 tonne with 7m² beds, down to much smaller progression presses for high volume components.

Cladding brackets are used in a variety of environments and often on different substrates too, so they are manufactured in different sizes with different alloys depending on the application. Required in both a horizontal and vertical format, they also have slotted holes for adjustment. They are widely used in the construction industry.

Generally, people consider manhole covers to be huge cast steel units, but with modern day materials and special forming techniques, to give additional strength, Pressmark are able to produce covers which don’t just allow pedestrian access, but vehicular access too. Starting as thin as 1.6mm, they go up to 3.2mm.

Metal webs are generally used in open web steel joists, predominantly for structural support of both flooring and roofing for buildings. Using this technology allows the construction industry to both cut cost and allow for easy access for other utilities within the building.