In the last 20 years, rail journeys have doubled, prompting the biggest rail modernisation program since Victorian times, including HS2 and Crossrail.

With the current rolling stock having to be refurbished, we can replace like for like components with original materials. However, in new rolling stock, the use of aluminium is more prevalent to reduce the weight of rolling stock, which in turn reduces CO2 emissions. With our knowledge in aluminium pressings, we have the opportunity to assist rail customers with modernising their rolling stock.

Modern European Tram
Modern European Tram

Product Design

Utilising the honed skills within our business, we can add value to your rail business by not only saving time on designing the required product, but designing it for manufacture too. By understanding the needs of your business and the capabilities of ours, we can ensure that you get great value for money with a product that is fit for purpose.

High-speed rail has been globally operational since the mid-1960s and has achieved speeds of over 200mph. This increase in pace has resulted in fewer short-haul flights passenger car journeys.

The tube, as it is commonly known, is a rapid transit rail system that serves the region of London. As the worlds first underground passenger rail service, it still has many old trains and carriages that need modernisation.

High Speed 2 will initially connect London Euston to Birmingham by rail. Phase 2 of this project will connect Birmingham to Manchester and Birmingham to Leeds. This new network requires an estimated £7 billion to buy new rolling stock.