No tender opportunities exist at the present time within Pressmark Pressings Limited. Please check back here on a regular basis, or check our “News” page, as this is where we publish each tender opportunity that we have. We do this to ensure that we fulfil the requirements of the EU Directive, regarding grants.

If you are unsure of how to submit tenders in relation to European grants, please click on the logo below. This will take you to the relevant section of the European Commission website, where you will find the appropriate support and guidance. Pressmark Pressings also has a supplier quality manual which we insist that all of our supply chain comply with. For certain types of requirements, there may be additional procedures for suppliers to follow, so please fully read our Supplier Quality Manual. You can download this document in two parts from our Downloads page.

If as a business you have not applied for a grant, we strongly urge you to. Click on the logo below to see how simple it is to get the support that you need to grow your business by accessing the relevant type of grant. Through innovation and continual improvement, we expect our supply chain to embrace change and work alongside us, consistently developing processes and materials to ensure that, together, we have the competitive edge. By accessing funding and training through a variety of available grants, we can build a stronger business together.

Tender Opportunity