Back in 1972 when Pressmark was first founded, the white goods sector was the only sector that they supported. Initially supplying pressed components for fridges, freezers and cookers, this expanded over the years to include panels for microwaves, washing machines, dishwashers and eventually air conditioning units. With this sector now 70% supported by imports, Pressmark has had to significantly change and develop to secure additional business. This has come from other sectors, allowing us to continue to grow and expand.

Domestic Appliances
Domestic Appliances

Industrial and domestic appliances

Not to be confused with smaller appliances, “white goods” are generally large devices which are not intended to be portable and use either electricity or gas. Originally called white goods in the mid 20th century, due to the fact that they were all made of white enamel coated sheet steel, it is far more common to see these goods in aluminium and stainless steel in the current marketplace. Pressmark still use Vitreous Enamel, but it has a variety of different finishes in the modern marketplace.

If you manufacture domestic or commercial refrigeration appliances, Pressmark can support you with different materials and finishes. Over time, stainless steel has become more popular and whether it’s fridges, freezers, cabinets, counters or merchandisers, we have the plant and knowledge to assist your business.

Pressmark are capable of manufacturing external pressed panels and internal pressings for the commercial laundry market, as well as the high volume domestic market. In the domestic market, fashion calls for an ever changing finish to products and we are capable of quickly changing materials and finishes to suit.

Whether you are producing range cookers, built in ovens, hobs or wood burning stoves, Pressmark have the plant and equipment to support a wide variety of shapes, sizes and volumes to suit your needs enabling you to have a single source supplier for all of your pressing requirements.

At Pressmark, we can also manufacture pressings for other products in the white goods market, such as microwaves, dishwashers, air conditioners and heaters. Having been established specifically in this market in 1972, Pressmark is well placed to support you both technically and commercially.