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In recent years, advanced materials have emerged and significantly impacted the products around us and their design. Coming from science and technology, advanced materials can outperform traditional materials as they can be tougher, withstand higher temperatures, and be tailored into new shapes.

When combining these materials with design the door to future products and solutions opens.

One of the main remaining barriers is the lack of knowledge of the potential use of these materials in designing new products. Danish Design Centre partnered with FAD in Barcelona and Happy Materials in Prague on the EU-project DAMADEI – “Design and Advanced Materials As a Driver of European Innovation”. The project that runs till Ultimo October seeks to put focus on European competitiveness.

It also aims to raise awareness among designers. The project will provide them with the appropriate experience to take advantage of the huge opportunities regarding these materials.


Besides consolidating a long-term collaborative European infrastructure to enhance the current network of partners through the involvement of the primary European design sector and advanced materials stakeholders, DAMADEI also aims to identify the needs, barriers and common areas of applications of both sectors as well as developing the potential interaction of Design and Advanced Materials as drivers of European innovation.

These workshops will stimulate creative processes by exchanging European best practices in design through the application of these materials.

Following these four workshops, the exhibition ‘MATERIALS EUROPEAN TOUR’ has been created. The exhibition aims to educate and inspire the creative industries with 40+ advanced materials that are driving today´s innovations:

Active materials, Nano materials, Advanced manufacturing, High-performance polymers, Light alloys, Gels & Foams, Coatings, Advanced composites, Advanced textiles and Fibres.

Lastly, a collaborative platform with an online database and meeting point is being created. His platform allows users to search European actors of these materials within suppliers, designers, technology centres and connecting centres in nine different material categories.

Advanced Materials

Advanced material is any material that, through the precise control of its composition and internal structure, features a series of exceptional properties (mechanical, electrical, optical, magnetic properties, etc.) or functionalities (self-repairing, shape change, decontamination, a transformation of energy, etc.) that differentiate it from the rest of the universe of materials; or any that, when transformed through advanced manufacturing techniques, features such properties or functionalities.

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