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Pressmark Pressings has joined the leading Midlands manufacturing and engineering membership group Made in the Midlands (MIM).


The company, which provides high volume components for automotive manufacturers, is looking to boost sales and share best practice by working closer with the collective group of 400+firms, including the likes of Jaguar Land Rover, ZF, GKN, Dennis Eagle, Moog Aircraft Group and the Liberty Group.

Pressmark MBI team Midlands

Left to right: John Nollett (CEO), Les Wilkins (Chairman) & Alan Gardner (Finance Director)

The decision to take membership is part of an ambitious growth strategy that will see the businesses work towards £10m of annual sales, a 33% increase since the current management team completed the MBI just over twelve months ago.

“Like many other fellow members, we have joined Made in the Midlands to win new business, collaborate, raise our profile and source Midlands based suppliers,” explained John Nollett, Chief Executive of Pressmark Pressings.

“We join an industry network of ‘movers and makers’ that is proactively bringing together the region’s engineering talent to challenge the status quo that UK manufacturing is on the retreat. It is quite the opposite, with the last twelve months seeing a further resurgence in domestic output and increasing interest in our ability to design, add value and innovate.”

He went on to add: “The Midlands is the heartbeat of UK industry and we should do everything we can to attract trade and investment to the area, as we look to provide sustainable growth and new jobs.”

Established in 1972, Pressmark Pressings is a specialist in high quality metal pressings and resistance welded assemblies, traditionally supplying white goods and automotive although the order book is now growing to encompass industrial products and construction.

On its current site in Carylon Road, the firm has 26 large bed presses, ranging from 150 to 1200 tonnes allowing for the production of different size products in both standard metals and exotic alloys.

The company, which has created over 25 full time jobs since the MBI, also boasts a strong production engineering capability, working with customers on tooling design to ensure components are produced efficiently and cost effectively.

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