Pressmark offers customers a tool design and manufacturing service, providing a solution for all their pressing needs. By taking on this responsibility, we fully own the complete project. As a result, this gives our customers the peace of mind that we meet stringent quality demands at affordable costs.

Having the facility to refurbish tooling, Pressmark ensures minimal equipment downtime. Per our TPM philosophy, we also achieve this by utilising planned preventative maintenance procedures. We always consider these potential issues at the tool design stage.


Press Tool


To manufacture our pressings requires tools to be designed, built, maintained and occasionally repaired too. By using Pressmark to deliver this service, customers have a one-stop shop.

By having Pressmark complete your tool design, you can rest assured that you are getting an efficient design for manufacture. Understanding the plant that we could best utilise for your product, we can then ensure that we design the tools for the most suitable size of the bed and the stroke of the press. Ultimately, having Pressmark do the tool design will reduce cost, especially as we put some services to tender.

Depending on your requirements on the size of the end product, with Pressmarks’ capabilities, we can deliver a full range of tool sizes. Whether you want steel, aluminium or exotic alloy products, Pressmark understands the complexities of using different materials and finishes for your tooling. Using the Pressmark tool design ensures the very best quality.

While Pressmark carries out regular and preventative maintenance on tools, occasionally, repairs may be needed. We can carry out these repairs on-site using our skilled workforce. With no delay in transporting tools to third-party contractors, we keep potential downtime to a minimum.