Pressmark offers its customers a one-stop solution, utilising various welding equipment, riveting equipment, and clinching machines. We also provide fabrication. These activities mean we save customers time and money on logistics and order processing. By using these other processes, customers reduce their lead times and inventory whilst containing the supply base and improving efficiency.

Many hidden costs and benefits are often not considered in the supply chain, with the selling price usually taking sole focus.

projection welding and fabrication sales boost
Projection Welding and Fabrication

Adding Value

We add value to our products and customers through secondary processes and fabrication. For example, we understand customers want to place one order for the final product without worrying about other processes. Therefore, Pressmark offers additional services and processes, such as painting or plating, ensuring the final product meets all customer specifications.

Pressmark offers fabrication services to customers, as many of our products go into other finished parts or sub-assemblies. By utilising other processes, whether heat treatment, bending, machining or powder coating, Pressmark has internal facilities and a supply chain that ensures we deliver our customers’ needs.

Pressmark offers MIG, TIG and projection welding. In addition, we have four modern projection welding machines capable of handling large volumes of work. For example, projection welding gives a good quality weld, with few heat surface marks compared to other types of welding. In addition, projection welding is the most popular method of assembling nuts and bolts for sheet metal products.

At Pressmark, we surface finish parts after fabricating or welding. For example, we are aware that our customers ask us to paint or coat their pressed parts. By supporting customers with these activities, they only have to place one order with a single supplier. We also offer our customers the opportunity to have finished products delivered directly to them, whether plated, anodised or painted.